Crawford Law Group, PLLC

Residential Real Estate

Our staff is well versed in processing residential real estate requests using their vast experience and technology to produce timely and accurate real estate settlements. With are resources, we can usually turn a settlement request around and put the documents on the table for settlement in less than five business days.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is unlike residential real estate.  Lead times are more important and we understand the importance of getting ahead of the transaction.  We do our due diligence with regard to the seller and the property promptly and buyers trust us to provide the necessary assurance that all is in order and there are no hidden issues.

Title Insurance

Title insurance not only provides that the Seller has good title and that there is not someone else out there claiming an interest on the property, it provides protections against liens, lack of marketability, forgeries, fraud  and other matters.  The Homeowners policy also provides limited protection against the lack of a building permit, encroachments, vehicular and pedestrian access, zoning violations and other issues.  Title insurance in today’s world is becoming an essential part of a real estate transaction. (The coverage mentioned above are subject to the terms of the policy)

Wills and Contracts

Having an attorney write your will or a contract assures the client that the document is clear and concise.  Also, an attorney can advise the client of other matters that the client has not considered which may impact on the client’s desires and need to be dealt with in the document.

Business Formations

We provide services for the formation of limited liability companies, partnerships and corporations.  Clients who are in business, in any manner, need to provide protection for their personal assets and provide other benefits that a corporate or limited liability company entity provides.  We form these companies and make all of the arrangements with the State of West Virginia various departments so that the client can hit the ground running on his/ her business dreams.

Short Sales

For the client who needs to sell his/her primary residence and the property is not worth the amount that is necessary to pay off the liens against the property, there are potentially three solutions.  The first is foreclosure, the second is a deed in lieu of foreclosure and the third is a short sale.  A foreclosure is the least desirable since it wreaks havoc on the client’s credit rating and may result in the lender seeking a deficiency judgment for the balance due on the note. 

A deed in lieu of foreclosure is desirable, but few lenders will accommodate the client on this arrangement.  The third, and most prevalent, is that of a short sale.  In a short sale, the lender takes less than is owed on the property and releases the property from the lien.  Depending on the type of loan, the lender may also waive any deficiencies.  Short sales clearly, are in our experience, the most advantageous method to deal with a client who is either facing foreclosure or needs to sell a house that is “under water”.